Mystery Fish from Utila Lower Lagoon

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I was snorkeling in the channel between Deep Blue Resort and the lower lagoon trying to add a checkered puffer to my life list (which I got) when I saw this strange guy.  His pectoral fins were long and flexible kind of like gummy arms.  About 2-3 feet of water, 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) in length. Habitat brackish mangrove lagoon.  He ducked down in the silt after I took the shot.  Not the only strange and new fish I saw on this dive--but one I managed to get a pic of.  Very rich and diverse fish down here.

Crested Goby - Lophogobius cyprinoides

It looks like it might be a Crested Goby - Lophogobius cyprinoides. Page 283 of Reef Fish 3rde. Cool find, I've always wanted to see one of those.

- Louis

Digitally enhanced version of the mystery fish of Utila

Here's a digitally enhanced version of the pic done by Steve Fox at Deep Blue Resort.

Louis, thanks for the comments.  It does look a lot like a goby, but I don't think it's a crested.  The color is wrong and the long ventral fins are unusual. You can see the pale spots more clearly in the enhanced version.

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utila mystery fish

I am pretty sure it is a Lophogobius- I can see the crest, it has the light-edged sort-of-ocellus on the first dorsal fin and they do sometimes get large.

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