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Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to fish of the oceans. I don't know if this is the right place to ask my question, but I'll give it a try. I was snorkeling just a few feet off the shore of Paradise Island Bahamas a few days ago. I know, not much to see but sand and shells. A fish about the size of my hand came swimming up to me and it was being chased by another fish. This other fish was about 18-24 inches long and skinny with a long narrow bill (snout) It was silver and maybe green if I remember right.

This second fish came buzzing right up to me as the prey was trying to use me to hide behind. The skinny fish was super fast and agile and kept buzzing me so I got out of the water. I watched it chase the prey fish around and the prey even beached itself trying to get away but the other fish waited for it to wash back in. When it did, it captured it in its bill. It just held it in its bill for a few minutes right under the surface before trying to swallow it. The throat and mouth of the skinny fish was very contored as it tried to swallow the other fish.

Another person on the beach was from florida and said it was a lady fish. I looked at pictures of a lady fish and dont think that is what is was because this fish had a longer needle type snout. Any idea what kind of fish this was? Thanks if you can help. Chris


That's a pretty neat encounter you had.  Try looking at a picture of a houndfish and see if that might be it.

Thanks DiverDave, that's

Thanks DiverDave, that's exactly the fish. I read that they can swim up to 50 mph and I believe it. Man that thing was fast. I had forgot to mention that it looked similar to a fish here in MO, a gar. Lots of nasty looking teeth but they don't swim anything like that houndfish. Thanks again DiverDave.

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