Unknown eel

eel's head 1.jpg
eel's head 2.jpg
eel tail.jpg

This eel was seen in about 40' of water at the top of a mini-wall in Grand Cayman. It was about 2 1/2' - 3' long. The time of day - noon.

My first thought was that it was a purple mouth, but the inside of the mouth was light-colored. 

The eel was not bothered by us and was out swimming in and out of holes.

 Is it a juvenile green moray??


Goldspotted Eel

It looks like a real dark goldspotted eel. You can see the small gold speckles toward the tail end of the fish.

Christy - goldspotted or

Christy - goldspotted or goldentail? 

I think it may be a

I think it may be a Goldentail Moray (perhaps in its dark phase without the golden tail ). For some reason I can only get the 3rd pic (the one showing the tail) to open in large. I can't see if the pupil is ringed in yellow wich would be another mark of a Goldential. Further clue the Goldentail forages during the day and the Green at night (typicaly).  See Humann/Deloach 3rd Edition p. 429 middle picture. 

goldentail (sorry!) not goldspotted

Sorry about the confusion -- it's goldentail moray. got to typing too fast.

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