Please help ID this coral.


I realize this is not a fish, but I have gone through the Reef Coral book over and over without success.  I found this diving in Aruba last May.  The tubes are mostly transparent with a dark blue rim around the tops.  Most of them were around an inch long and always seemed to grow in clusters.  They look like little tubes.

Any help is appreciated.




These are tunicates of some variety. I don't know which species though.

I think you may be looking

I think you may be looking in the wrong book my friend. Try the reef Creature Book, as those are Tunicates not Corals. I'm not completly sure but would guess they are the Painted Tunicate. Humann/Deloach CREATURE book 2nd edition pp. 404-405. Hope this helps.


I switched books as you suggested, and yes, that is what I saw.  Thank you very much.

It seems I need to spend some more time on the Reef Creature book.

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