Hawaiian Tide Pool unknown


On a trip to Hawaii there was one tide pool that had these in it.  I have never seen this before on any of our trips to Hawaii.  I appreciate any assitance on identifying what it is and the proper name.





Oops should have been clear about what I want identified.  The white spiral shaped things that look kind of like a flower.


Mahalo again,


Aloha Tom, There is

Aloha Tom,

There is something in the Caribbean ID book called "White Scroll Alga" is in the Phylum: Brown Algae (Phaeophyta) that looks very much like your photo. The kind you photographed may be a close cousin. Hopefully this narrowed your search. See if this White Scroll Alga occurs in Hawaii or look for one that fits in the Brown Algae group the scientific name will probably be Padina something or other.

Excellent clue to what algea is called

Using your suggestion I did some more research and found that this varity (Padina sanctae-crucis) has been photograped at Oahu.  I believe you solved my mystery.




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