What kind of grouper is this


Found on Corndona reef in Cozumel in March.  depth approx 30 ft.  I believe this is a grouper of some sort but could not id it in Reef Fish Humann and Deloach book


Ariana Finkelstein, DVM

Ariana,  I say it's a


I say it's a Yellowfin Grouper. Your picture looks to me just like the one on Humann/Deloach book (enlarged 3rd edition) p.168 Yellowfin Grouper Variation.


What kind of grouper is this

Thank you so much- I will look again... 

Ariana Finkelstein, DVM

no yellow fin

I don't think this is a yellow fin grouper. It doesn't have the required yellow pectoral fin. However it does have black margins on all the fins so I would say it is a black grouper.


This is a yellowfin grouper. If you have the Reefnet DVD, take a look at pix #2 and #3.

Best fishes!

Kristi Draper

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