idk whats on my new LR

i just bought new live rock and it has many of theses creature on looks like tenticles are coming out of the rock...also it looks like a mix of a starfish and an octopus,,,any ideas?

Picture please.


It is my understanding that live rock can have any number of things living on/in it. If you put some pictures on here of the creature in question, I'm sure someone will ID it.

they are too small to get a

they are too small to get a picture and they go back in the rock..its not aiptasia tho

Same thing happened to me

I have not got clue what the things in your liverock are, but the same creatures have been seen in my aquarium too. they just look like tentacles reaching out of little crevices in the i right? wish i was of more help, but i do know that they apparently just either eat scraps or filter-feed, and pose no threat to your tank ecosystem

Could they be brittle star

Could they be brittle star arms reaching out from the rock?

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