Unknown creature


This was found in the Point Reyes area of CA in early June. It was stuck under a sea anemone, so I'm not sure if that last appendage was leg like as the others were, or more of a tail. I've tried searching the web, but have no clue what it is. I was thinking larval crab, crustacean, sea star... ? You can see how small it is compared to a finger.

Venturing a guess

I think that it's some sort of Sea Spider. Read about them here and see what you think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_spider

Read the part titled: Distribution and ecology. I found this particularly relevant: "They will often insert their proboscis, ..., into a sea anemone and suck out nourishment. The sea anemone, large in comparison to its predator, almost always survives this ordeal."

Great find and great picture. I love a good mystery

I agree, a sea spider

This is in Class Pycnogonida and probably Family Pycnogonidae. There are also cyamid amphipods that look similar.


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