What sea turtle is this?

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Even with the help of a sea-turtle-ID chart, I cannot make a positive identification. I am guessing green turtle, but I feel it might be a hawksbill. I have several good photos -- as the turtle let me swim close for a long time -- but none shows the beak. It is a very small turtle; I estimate the shell length at about 18 inches.

Photo taken November 23, 2009, about 20 feet of water, Molasses Reef (buoy M8, the Winch Hole), Key Largo, Florida, water temperature 79 degrees.

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Green Turtle

Nice Turtle shot! It's a Green Turtle. An easy way to distinguish the Green Turtle from the Hawksbill is the plates between the eyes. Green Turtle have two long plates while Hawksbill have four. Hawksbill Turtle also have overlapping plates on their carapace and have narrower heads.

Thank You, Marty

Thank You,

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