What is this Small Caribben Fish?


This fish is maybe 3-4 inches long. Very pretty but I do not see it in any of my fish books. Any help?

Yellowcheek Basslet

It looks like a yellowcheek basslet (Gramma linki). Good find.


I agree with Diverdave on this ID.

Unknown fish.

It appears to be a Yellowcheek Basslet from what I can see in the enlarged picture. The yellow line radiating along the side of the head. In the REEF FISH ID book for Florida,Caribbean and Bahamas by Paul Humann and Ned Deloach ,Pages 188 & 189 is what I am basing my I.D. on.

Yellowcheek Basslet - where found?

Yes, great find!!  Where did you find it?  Locale, as well as habitat, depth?

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