Question about Lionfish sighting reports

I'm new here so pardon me if this isn't the proper area to post this in, but I have a question.

I post my photos on Flickr and through the years have accumulated several hundred contacts through that site. One of my contacts from the UK recently posted several pictures of his recent trip to Cuba. Among these photos are several of lionfish.

Is there or should there be anywhere that these sightings can be recorded? I know that Americans aren't able to (legally) travel there, and don't know whether any conservation entities are looking into the infestation in Cuba, which of course can have a huge impact elsewhere throughout the Caribbean/Atlantic.

If there is such a reporting capability, I will encourage my friend to do so, just for the value of any information he may be able to provide.


Gini Briggs

follow up:

Here's what he told me about his trip to Cuba:

"This past trip was to the south coast of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba. We were staying at the resort... Brisas Sierra mar. We would see one about every 20 minutes of exploring the reefs. At one point we saw 2 under one outcropping of coral, and another across the gully on the opposite wall."

This is very alarming to me, especially if there are no active eradication efforts going on in that area.

I've gave the website address to the reporter and told him he might want to join.


Lion Fish

My name is Alan Brown, and the above diver is myself. I currently live near Niagara Falls, Canada... though originally from Glasgow. Yes we saw many beautiful Lion Fish during our trip to Cuba. All the divers were taking many photos of them. It wasnt an isolated case. One of the group, said that only a few years ago, there were only a few spotted along this particular wall. Please check my photos on "flickr" search for 'alanbrown0221"...

Reporting lionfish sightings

Thanks everyone for your interest and sightings information.  We encourage everyone who sees lionfish in the Caribbean, or any non-native fish for that matter, to report it through REEF's non-native sightings form --


REEF is working in partnership with US state and federal agencies, and other international organizations to track the lionfish invasion.  We have been training groups in various locations to conduct removals as well as implementing early detection and rapid response plans.

Lionfish control training in Cayman?

I'd like to participate in eradication efforts during my trip to Grand Cayman next month. Whom can I contact?

Thanx, great board...

Lionfish - Cuba

As a Canadian I am lucky to be able to freely dive in Cuba and have done so nearly annually since 2000. To the best of my knowledge the Lionfish only appeared in waters off the Holguin area (Playa Costa Verde resort) in 2005. Since then they are increasing exponentially. Last year at many sites in Cuba marine biologists were conducting surveys on the Lionfish population.


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