Need Help With This Fish ID - Cozumel Reef Pic From March 2009


Hi, I would very much appreciate an ID of this fish I took while diving Cozumel in March 2009. Thanks much. Linda

Blackcap Basslet

Looks like a blackcap basslet (Gramma melacara). Usually they have a much darker "cap."

Fish ID - Could it be something other than a Blackcap Basslet?

Hi DiverDave. Looking at the blackap basslet in my reef ID book, the black cap as you point out is certainly a lot lighter. What about the light belly? That threw me when I was looking for the ID.

Thanks. Linda

I think it is a Blackcap

I know your pic doesn't look at all like the picture of the typical Blackcap color-wise. The one pic they have in the book is with an almost solid black cap and it is uniformly deep blue-purple. However, I just got the ID DVD for Christmas and it has about 7 or 8 pics (most like the book) but one is just like yours (kind of magenta rather than purple, no cap but a bluish head with gold markings, and a lighter magenta, pinkish "chin"). I think your pic is a Blackcap Basslet. The "belly" may look even lighter in your pic due to the lighting too.

Thanks for the additional info on the Blackcap

Thanks livi120, That really helps to have your perspective from another photo reference. I took that photo in March and it's been a mystery to me. Now I consider it solved. Fitting tribute to such a beautiful fish!

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