Help me identify this fish


For some reason I'm having trouble identifying this fish. The picture was taken in Roatan on 12/24/09. Its about a foot long. There were several of them swimming close to the surface down to about 30 feet.

Mystery Fish from Roatan

Your mystery fish are Bermuda/Yellow Chub.  

Thanks Christy! The picture

Thanks Christy! The picture in the books has them looking a lot more silvery than the ones I saw, but I think you are correct, they are Bermuda/Yellow Chub.

I know what you mean

Yes, I agree Bermuda/Yellow Chub. But I know what you mean about he pic in the book... I placed a post on here a while back because I saw juvenile ones about the size of damselfish and they where light brown with white polka-dots!!! I was very confused.

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