Please identify this fish


Hi there,

I'm searching for the name of this fish. Do you know?

Thank you!
David Haveman
The Netherlands

Slingjaw Wrasse, Epibulus insidiator

Possibly a Slingjaw Wrasse, Epibulus insidiator? FishBase Link: Fishbase - Slingjaw Wrasse


Must be it. A terminal male so I read. Thanks!
I photographed this species in the Red Sea indeed.

Interesting fish seen on Lighthouse drift in Cozumel

Saw these fish on drift from the lighthouse.

We have Hogfish

We have Hogfish (Lachnolaimus maximus) in Cozumel, and that may have been what you saw off the lighthouse. Slingjaw is native to the Red Sea & Pacific and would be a very special sighting here.

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