Unidentified Cayman Brac surgeonfish (I think)


Perhaps it's a juvenile form of an easily identifiable species. Wonderful, subtle, pastel coloration. Any clues?

--Pier Carlo Talenti

Likely an Ocean Surgeonfish

It's sometimes tough to tell the difference between an ocean surgeonfish and a doctofish - both are members of the surgeonfish family. If there are body bars then it's a doctorfish. Unfortunately those bars can be so light that they can't be seen. The ocean surgeonfish usually has a more lunate tail (more concave) and a clearer pectoral fin. So sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's tough to tell the difference between the two. All in all, I think the photo is of an ocean surgeonfish.


Thanks for the ID's, DiverDave.

Pier Carlo Talenti

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