Need help with this fish school ID from Lighthouse Reef Atoll - Belize


Hi ID Experts,
I have been trying to ID the type of fish in the school that passed me at my safety stop on a wall in Long Caye (Que Brada), Lighthouse Reef Atoll. First came a school of Bermunda Chubs and these were following behind. In my Reef Fish ID book they look like Blue Runners but they are missing the one or two white bars near the pectoral fin. HELP PLEASE!!!! Thanks. Linda

Yes Blue Runners

Yes that's a school of blue runners. Not sure about the white bars as they are not mentioned in my ID sources. But a distinctive feature is the dark tail tips.

White bars near pectoral fin of Blue Runners?

Thanks livi120 for the Blue Runner confirmation. I am still curious about those white bars. I wonder if anyone has any perspective on them? I don't see any in all of the pics I have been able to locate. Thanks. Linda

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