Hawaiian Tide Pool Critter

Maui 2010 315.JPG
Maui 2010 316.JPG

I spotted this creature in a tidepool along the exposed coast of Maui on the Keanae Peninsula. The white threads were quite long and moved independantly of any water movement. Any help with ID would be appreciated as I have no idea where to even start with this one!

Spaghetti Worm

I'm pretty sure this is a kind of Spaghetti Worm. There are different species all very similar. The ID book suggests that ID beyond family is often impossible unless you dig the worm out (not encouraged). The family name of spaghetti worms is : Terebellidae. Of course, your photos are the tentacles it uses to forage and feed; the actual worm is hidden in a tube under the seafloor at the center of the tentacles.

Spaghetti Worm Indeed

Thank you for the help. Looking at the ID book it may be a Medusa Spaghetti Worm (Loimia medusa). At least now I know what sort of critter it was. Thanks.

you are welcome

I did not think Medusa only because Medusa has "beaded" tentacles. In other words kind of transparent with white white beads along them. The ones in your pic seem more uniform.

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