Friend or foe?

green moray, 72ppi.jpg

So many things are not as they appear under water. Viscious-looking barracudas are puppies.

Here is a photo of a green moray with its mouth open wide. I think morays normally breathe by opening and closing their mouths. Two separate friends have told me the photo indicates the moray is threatening. Which is it?

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As far as I know, if it was opening and closing its mouth in a biting or yawning motion (they pretty much do this all the time) it is just the way they breathe. When threatened a moray will most often than not simply disappear into its hole.

It it feels threatened or annoyed, however, it will arch it's back up slightly and keep the mouth open.


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Just don't get in striking range

I was on a night dive with my brother in the Phils.  He wanted to get a close picture of a moray but got a bit too close.  I saw the moray strike at him (glancing off his camera) at a range of about 12-16 inches.  You don't want that thing clamped on your fingers.


That is a beautiful picture.

All moreys have to constantly open and close their mouths in order to pump oxygen filled water over their gills to breath.  Its not a threating manerism.

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