I need help in identifying some fish seen while diving in the Caymans


I would appreciate help in identifying these five species.

Wow, OK, here we go:

Pic # 1 (the 3 red and blue in the back) blackbar Soldierfish. (yellow in front) French Grunt.

Pic # 2 (purple) Blackcap basslet

Pic # 3 (with the white dots) Bermuda Chub

Pic # 4 masked or glass Gobies

Pic # 5 A damselfish of some sort if i had to guess i would guess threespot because of overall yellow color.

these are best guesses (and I think they are very good) because the pictures are rather small for better ID detail.

my guesses for these 5 pics

1 Blackbar soldierfish and French Grunt

2 Blackcap Basslet

3 Yellowtail Damselfish, not fully adult

4 Bridled Goby

5 Longfin Damselfish juvenile

I agree 100% with livi120,

I agree 100% with livi120, including the three spot damselfish. The olive-yellow edging on the eye is quite characteristic.

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