need help identifying


seen in st kitts in very shallow water it went from nearly solid colour to the more pronounced bar pattern

How big was it? Looks to me

How big was it? Looks to me like a juvenile Atlantic Spade fish? Very cool!

thanks - i think you're

thanks - i think you're right. it was very small about 2 inches - saw another one today about 4 inches. - the fins don't look the same as an adult atlantic spade but maybe they change with age.

Juvenile Atlantic Spade fish

The fins and tail do start out much rounder. Great pic.

Need help with forum

I just joined. I have a few mystery fish photos from a recent trip to Cozumel. How are images added to the posts? Thanks in advance.

For ID help

Go to the Forums and you'll see at top : "Submit Forum Topic" (click) you'll see a blank form: Subject, select forum (pick ID) then image: click "browse" select the jpeg file (photo) saved on your comp. then hit "upload" you can do this several times to add more than one pic. Write your body with question and as much info as you can about the photo. Preview and submit. That should do it. Oh and I would keep picture file size at about 300 - 500 KB.

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