blenny i can't identify either


this was also in st kitts, can it be a palehead blenny in courting colours?


To me, that looks more like a scorpionfish than a blenny. The body doesn't look slender enough to me... and the mouth isn't quite right.

How big was it? What depth? Take a look at some pictures of Reef Scorpionfish and see if you see what I see...?

sorry, i should have given

sorry, i should have given more detail. it is about 6 inches - saw another about 4 inches. in about 4 feet of water. the picture doesn't show the detail of the head well but looks very blennyish - and acts like a blenny - body is shaped like a hairy blenny - about the same size as a hairy as well.

Hairy Blenny

Hmm... If it really is 6 inches then it would have to be a Hairy Blenny. The mottling on its head does look typical of the juvenile and female Hairy Blenny. As does the faint ocellus on its cheek.


Wouldn't pet this Blenny, just in case.

My first reaction to the picture was also scorpionfish. Maybe the reef scorpion or any juvenile (I don't have pictures of Juvenile scorpions, so don't really know if they may look like this but seems possible). However, on closer inspection there are 2 things giving me pause. 1) this fish seems to have a pretty long anal fin (more like a blenny) and also not as large round pectoral fins like the ones most scorpions have. Then again at 4-6 in. would make it a rather large blenny so the Hairy would have to be it (though i don't see the cheek ocellus faint or otherwise). Hopefully someone can help ID this one, can't wait to see how it turns out.

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