Need help to ID jellyfish Palancar Reef, Cozumel, 2010

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On a recent trip to Cozumel I took this photo of a jellyfish above the Palancar reef on March 3, 2010. I have had no luck in trying to ID this jellyfish. Is there anyone out there who knows what kind of jellyfish this is?

I'm not an expert but...

I did some looking around and I think this may be Pelagia noctiluca. I'm assuming it is missing some tentacles and had 8 instead of 5 at some point. It looks to me like there may have been a tentacle between the 2 top ones in the pic and then 2 more on the left edge of the bell that does seem damaged. the spots on the bell and the colored inner parts do seem to fit well with noctiluca. Do a web search for this scientific name and see what you think.

Jellyfish - Palancar Reef - Cozumel - 2010 - livi20 responce

Thanks for your response. I did a search on Notiluca but unless it's some unknown phase, I don't that is the correct id. At the time I photgraphed 2 of these creatures & they were almost identical. Each was about 1.5" diameter, with 4 smooth tentacles & 1 tentacle with nodules. I don't know how long the tentacles were as they all trail out of the frames.

Jellyfish...Palancar Reef

Hi elginz....
I agree with your opinion...the Noticula is also referred to as the "mauve" jellyfish which is predominated found in the Mediterranean and to a lesser extent the Caribbean so, in my opinion, this animal does not appear to have the colorization nor characteristics of the Mauve..while not an expert myself, I work with the marine science community and, in particular, a marine biologist and noted jellyfish authority to whom I will ask his opinion...I will forward the pix and advise when I hear back...stay tuned...thanks

Ron @ StingMate

Palancar Reef Cozumel

Hi elginz...

I was lucky enough to get a quick response from our marine bilogist support authority about the animal in question...his response:

Hi Ron,
It is probably a young specimen of Pelagia noctiluca.
Yup, it's a nice day!!!!

Looks like livi120 gave a correct I.D....we both learned something new today...happy diving ;-)

Ron @ StingMate

Thank you, livi120 & Ron@Stingmate

Now I know what to call my photo's

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