Top Snail - Gulf of Mexico


I found these snails in 100 feet of water yesterday in the northern Gulf of Mexico, off Mexico Beach, Florida. They were hanging upside down inside an aritificial reef pyramid that was on its side. They are about 1" across. They are not the same as the top snail in my edition of the creature book, and I couldn't find them in my "Compendium of Seashells". If I had known they were so hard to find, I might have taken the snail that let go and sank to the bottom right after I took this photo. Any ideas what they are? Thanks again, Carol

It looks like a Topsnail

The only one I have in my ID book is the Chocolate-lined Topsnail. I don't know what is in your other seashell book but l think this may be the Gulfstream Topsnail (Calliostoma scalenum) check it out here:

it could also be a similar species, I'm not an expert, just going on looks.

Gulfstream Topsnail

I can see that as a match - the location is right, the coloring and shape is similar to the Daytona Beach snail, size is good, and the depth of the water is in the zone. Without actually collecting one, I think that's about as close as anyone can get. The Gulfstream snail wasn't in my huge compendeum by the way. Thanks for the ID and the link to the Jacksonville web site. I've bookmaked it for future use. ~Carol

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