Is It A Crab? Help Please

Crab 02.JPG
Crab 01.JPG

While on a night dive in the Turks & Caicos Islands, one of my guests found this little creature nestling on the top of an outcrop.
Its red shell is hard and part of its body with its eyes on the top so its not a sponge crab that I know about. The legs are yellow and
it scampered around like a crab but there were no obvious pincers.
Any ideas? I've never seen anything like it before!
Chris McCandlish

I found it by chance!

I was looking for some ID on shells I found on the beach today, and came across a picture of your little guy. It seems to be a Spongy Decorator Crab Macrocoeloma trispinosum. There wasn't much on it on the web but do a google search for images of the common name.

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