I found this at the beach, but i don't know what it is....

P4250001 [640x480].JPG
P4250003 [640x480].JPG
P4250006 [640x480].JPG
P4250004 [640x480].JPG

Can anybody tell me what this is????

Here's my guess

It looks to me like a piece of test (empty shell) of some kind of Sea Urchin. Here is a hairy looking one though it was found at a beach in England.

Don't know if they have Sea potatoes where you are from.

I think you are right, i

I think you are right, i live on Aruba so we do have sea urchin, but i've never seen sucha strange hairy one. ( i am pretty new to al this, we only live here for 3 months but i am learning.)

Thx for your reaction!

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