Ocean Gar?


Went on Powerboat Adventures excursion out to their private island "Shipwreck Cay" in the Exumas. After a drift snorkel I went up to the dock and saw this in the very shallow crystal clear water next to the dock. One of the locals called it an "ocean" or "sea gar" I forget which. Neither of those I find anywhere so I assume this is a local nickname. I find some similar needlefish but am not exactly sure which this is. It was approx 18-24 or so inches long. I think this ID will complete my ID of the approx 250 fish pics I took on this trip. Thanks in advance for the help on this one.


Nice! I live less than 50 miles from Shipwreck Cay and have visited it a couple times. Needlefish can be tricky, but this one can readily be identified as a Houndfish. Yours is just a small one; they can grow to 5 feet and weigh 10 pounds.


That's what I was leaning towards but couldn't find one that looked just like this one. Thanks again for the positive ID.

I'm seriously jealous of you living in paradise!!!

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