Hawaiian fish id

butterfly chromis.jpg
striped mullet.jpg
common longnose.jpg

Some of these fish have clear markings but this batch I am not sure. Hese fish I found in O'ahu waters.

1)The pair butterflyfish are probably the common forcepsfish but to me the snouts it too long making me lean towards the longnose.
The others I presume is the millitseed and the chocholate dip cromis.

2) some kind of millet maybe. didn't expect to see it is 4 ft of water.

3)the squirrelfish I think are Hawaiian squirrels - xatherythrum


Fish ID

Can't tell you about the butterflyfish... I think you are right about the Chocolate-dip Chromis, Chromis hanui and the Millet Butterflyfish, Chaetodon miliaris.

The fish in the second photo is a Bonefish (O'io), Albula sp. At least two species occur in Hawaii, but it is impossible to tell one from the other from this view.

Also think you are right about the squirrelfish.

Rhoda Green Thanks. In

Rhoda Green

Thanks. In looking up bonefish- Albula, its more clear. I attached another pic that shows the black marking below its snout. short jaw, long jaw? One fish has yellowish marking at the base of its pectoral fin.

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