Molasses Reef, Key Largo

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When I first saw this fish, at a distance, I thought it was a puffer, maybe a procupinefish, based on overall size, shape and where it was in the water column. But, when I examined my photo, it looked like a cowfish. When I zoomed in, I could not see horns. Perhaps, a filefish. Maybe a trunkfish, but the coloring is wrong. So I went to Humann's "Reef Fish." It looks like a (common) trunkfish, Lactophrys trigonus. Is it? How can I be sure?

Molasses Reef, buoy M2 (an offshore buoy), May 8, 2010, 52-feet deep, bottom temperature 81 degrees.

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Lactophrys trigonus. Body shape and color match (the "common" trunkfish can vary its color with age, and mood; they can be bluish, greenish, gray or brownish). Notice the white spots towards the top of the body and the dark scrawls at base of pectoral fin and at midside.

Thank you

Thank you. And, I thank everyone who has been kind enough to help me with IDs. I don't go to the forum until I have thoroughly researched an ID on my own.

This forum, and you, have been very educational. I am learning a great deal, and it truly enhances my diving experience and my living in the Keys.


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