St John, USVI May 6,2010


Afternoon all,

I just joined.. and have only just started warm water snorkeling/photography. Several trips to the Galapagos and a couple to St. John. Over 2000 underwater photos. I'm building a catalog of fishes I've seen. Using "REEF FISH" ... ",,Galapagos" and ",,,Florida Caribbean Bahamas" (P. Humann/N.Deloach" to learn. .. Oh, and and other onlines to try to identify fish.

This one has stumped me. It is a small fish. The urchin to the left is about 4"-6".... measured some. The only other image of the fish isn't as sharp as the light wasn't good and the photo blurred.




Hi Jay. Welcome to REEF. Hopefully you will add conducting REEF surveys to your underwater adventures. Your mystery is a young puddingwife. Pretty little guy! The ID clue are the dollops of vanilla pudding across its back.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've spent hours looking .. only to discover how much I DON'T know.
Thanks Christy. I have been to before and will spend, and equal amount of time on the REEF surveys!



After your ID, I did find it in REEF FISH Identification - Florida, Caribbean Bahamas pg 217 with young on pg 216.

Thanks again,


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