A couple of questions...


Over Memorial Day weekend, we dove the Flower Gardens/East Bank/Stetson Bank, and a couple of rigs.. I am having trouble ID-ing the following critters.....
Could the one be a Studded Sea Star? and is the other picture with the squat anemone shrimp a Cnidarian or Tunicate? Thanks for taking a look!

those photos are tiny!!!

If you can post pics that open a bit larger it will be helpful. The Star could be a Studded Sea Star but it is hard to distinguish the "studs" clearly. If it is the Humann/Deloach 2nd edition of Reef Creatures states: "Species of the genus Mithrodia... are rarely reported in the Caribbean. ... If observed, a sighting report should be made to REEF at reefhq@reef.org ."

Other picture again hard to see details but looks more Cnidarian than Tunicate to me, maybe a corallimorph of some kind.

new pics

I hope those new pics are big enough...sorry about that. I did see that line in the ID book, but wanted to check if anyone else has seen these guys between 60-80 feet or in the Gulf..... We saw many rare and amazing critters/corals in the Gulf!
The Cnidarian's color scheme seems similar to (in markings, not actual colors) to the Sunburst Anemone... but the tentacles seem to be a different shape also... I will look up some callimorphs.. thanks!


Yes pics much better. For example your Cnidarian to me in the small pic looked like a flat disk draped over a rock with a frilly edge. Now I can see is much more anemone like. I see what you are saying about the center coloration compared to a Sunburst and the tentacles look more like shortened giant anemone tentacles (without the dark tip) Wonder if it can be a species of Sunburst different from the one in the ID book (it seem this creature like the star is not described well).

As far as the star it looks very very Studded Star to me, may also be a different species in the Genus Mithrodia.

Hope someone else more expert at this than I chimes in... meanwhile I'll look around the net as it seems these exact creatures are not in the ID book.

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