How long until a report hits the DB?


Last weekend I filed 2 surveys but they don't show up in my dashboard. How long does it take for the survey to show up?


It can take a while

While it can happen quicker, a month would be a reasonable timeframe. I wouldn't be concerned if it took longer than 6-8 weeks at times.

Fortunately for REEF, there are dozens and dozens of surveys submitted each week - and things peak in summer. Watch the survey counter on the home page as it goes up by 50 or so every couple of days.

Each survey has to be QC'ed and sometimes it requires contacting the surveyor to answer a question about the survey. Although it's a vital duty, it's just one small part of the person's job, so the lag can vary depending on travel schedules, etc. The bottom line, seeing your survey posted to the DB in a week is not realistic.

REEF appreciates the vital data you've submitted and it will process your surveys as soon as they are able to do it.

Dave's right - and to add to what he said....

Dave's right - and to add to that, a few more details:

Your surveys are put together into a batch for your region. If we're waiting on an answer to a question for one survey in that batch, it can hold up the rest until it's resolved. Sometimes the process can go quickly, and other times it might take awhile.

New, rare and invasive species are flagged by the computer - and then a human bean checks the data too. (I do the Pacific NW data).

So be patient - I remember "back in the old days" of paper scanforms (when we used to walk to school in the snow uphill both ways...) the process could easily take 3-4 months to see our data. Once I had to wait 9 months before it appeared! Thank goodness those days are gone.

Just a hint: I always write down the survey number in my dive log, just to make sure it appears. If you have any questions on that, feel free to email me at

O-Fish-ally yours,

- Janna :)

Janna Nichols
REEF Outreach Coordinator

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