Guide/ID book recommendations for Indonesia specifically Wakatobi

I have already purchased the Tropical Pacific book and pocket guide. Any recommendations for nudibranch id? Or any super id books?

ID Book Recomendations

Hello Karen,

Greetings from Wakatobi. We the staff at Wakatobi Dive Resort can recommend the following titles.

Nudibranch Encyclopedia
By Neville Coleman

Reef Fish Identification -Tropical Pacific
By Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann and Ned Deloach.

Other interesting books for ID and behaviour would be

Coral Reef Animals of the Indopacific
By Terence M Gosliner

Reef Life: Natural History and Behaviours of marine fishes and invertebrates.
By Denise Neilsen Tackett and Larry Tackett

We have copies of these in our library.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Look forward to diving with you.

Best Fishes


Thank you for the quick response

Thank you I will look into the nudibranch books, I already purchased the Fish id book, do you keep it in your library, with the weight restrictions I will probably be leaving my copy at home (it is quite heavy). Any opportunities to conduct surveys on our dives?


Hello Karen,

We do have a copy of the Reef Fish Identification -Tropical Pacific in our library. This is in our lounge in the longhouse and we will be happy to share this facility with you.

We do not offer surveys as part of our diving schedule.

I have contacted Richard Smith our Pygmy Seahorse expert and he tells me that the reason there are no survey sheets for this part of the world is not abundance but diversity.

He tells me that when a survey is normally done they usually have someone count and ID fish, someone else will do sessile invertebrates and another in charge of the reel.

We have small groups 1:4 maximum guests to divemaster and most of our guests have not been trained to do surveys so we focus more on photography and enjoying the sensory overload of the extremely diverse reefs.


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