Book Signing to Benefit REEF and the Audubon Society. Hyde Park Bar and Grill, Austin Texas


"When stuff like devastating oil spills happens, do you find yourself fantasizing about having unlimited funds, access to high technology, weaponry expertise, and international connections so you could go fix the problem while giving the perpetrators their due?

Meet Bwana Doc, international environmental pirate, the man who does what it takes to end the destruction of our planet!"

Hi All,

I am passing this on to all of you if anyone would be interested in participating in the following worthwhile event to Benefit the National Audubon Society & R.E.E.F. and get a signed Saving the Whales a Bwana Doc Adventures book by me, this coming Wednesday, June 30th at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill (central) from 5-7PM.

I will be there signing books for a contribution and hope to see you.

Dennis Schneider

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