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I have trouble distinguishing between red hinds and rock hinds.With this photo, I am leaning toward red hind, because of the black margin of the rear-dorsal fin and the tail (caudal fin), and the lack of a black saddle blotch at the base of the tail. But the four black dots just under the dorsal fin give me some pause. And, there is just the faintest hint of some bars running from the dorsal fin to the lateral line.

Please tell me which hind this is, and help me to learn the differences.

The photo was taken at Moalsses Reef, buoy M5, Key Largo, Florida, July 3, 2010, 28 feet deep, 89 degrees.

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Not a Hind

What you have here is a Graysby. The 3-5 dots along the base of the dorsal fin are the give away. And to my eyes the overall shape of the body is more rounded and grouper like.

Hinds seem a little more streamlined. The markings on the Rock Hind are big dark blotches (not a row of small dots) The red hind does not have any extra spots (other than the uniform ones all over) it has either a very dark tail and fins or at least a very dark margin, and I think the yellow-tipped dorsal spines would have been more prominent than this pic shows.

Thank you

I love this discussion forum. It is very educational; I learn more here than I could in a fish I. D. course. I am deeply grateful for your help.



You have actually found a Graysby, Epinephelus cruentatus. Yours has especially dusky dorsal, caudal and anal fins so it could easily be mistaken for a Red Hind.

Graysby may be recognized by their rounded tail.

Red Hind, by their dark fins and squarish tail.

And Rock Hind often have the large blotches along their back. Watch out because the caudal peduncle saddle is sometimes also displayed on the Red Hind.


Oops, sorry Livi. Your reply wasn't up when I was writing mine.

No problem

I'm no expert, so it is always nice to get a second opinion.

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