Tiny shrimp on Sea Whip

P6190151ab simnia and shrimp.jpg
P6240030a cyphoma and shrimp.jpg

I found several of these tiny shrimp when photographing a pair of West Indian Simnia cowries. The left the 1/2-inch long cowries in the photo for scale. The photo was taken off Mexico Beach, Florida in the northern Gulf of Mexico in 60 feet of water on an artificial reef pyramid. Yes, we are still, thankfully, oil free here. Any chance of an ID? Thanks, Carol

Not an expert ID

Venturing a guess. It may be a Gorgonian Shrimp. The description in the REEF Creature book states: "Tiny, Typically color of host gorgonian; white eyes on short stocks." Another transparent small shrimp is the Sea Plume Shrimp. Another transparent/ white eyed shrimp is the Black Coral Shrimp but this one is believed to inhabit only black corals.

Gorgonian Shrimp

I think the second photo is more likely a gorgonian shrimp from photos I have seen on line. Look closely, the shrimp is to the right of the spotted cyphoma. It's amazing the amount of life you can observe on the sea whips here when you look closely with a flashlight. ~Carol

Positive ID, and a rare photo capture!

UPDATE: Some exciting news. A marine biologist recently saw some of my shrimp photos and asked me to collect one. I managed to find one like in the middle photo and send it to her. She said it is a rare Sawtooth Arrow Shrimp and I may have the first photos of these shrimp in their natural habitat. The last photo is another one that I've found.

The top photo is a type of palaemonid which she said could also be an intersting find.

I've posted more photos on my web site at http://www.pbase.com/carol202/shrimp.


Very exciting!!!! Congrats.

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