SPAM on Forum

Has anyone else noticed the spam from a handbag company popping up on some of the forum topics? I just looked at two of the newest threads and it was on both of them (The request for a fish ID from New England and the "Ocean creatures" topic). ~Carol

Yes - SPAM

I don't know how the bots do it, but they somehow log into the website and post to EVERY thread/message. It happens every so often and it's a shame. I don't know if REEF can inexpensively change things on the board to preclude it. I hope they will soon delete the current spam and find a way to prevent spam posts in the future.

Yes very annoying

Yes there is SPAM that gets on here too often with links to all kinds of things.

It's getting bad

This week is pretty bad. Here we go again! It's the third one. One of the most annoying things is that it screws up the date of posts in that it brings up very old post to the first page etc.

Spam - Sorry loyal REEFers!

Hi to all of our loyal and legitimate REEF Discussion Forum posters,

I am really sorry for the recent spate of SPAM on the discussion forums. I realize how irritating it is to try and have a useful conversation with dozens of spam posts interspersed in there. I try to keep an eye on the forums every few days to make sure someone hasn't gotten on and posted inappropriate stuff, but I lapsed these last few weeks (obviously!). I think I have gotten it all out of there and have blocked those offenders. I will try and remain vigilant but always feel free to email me directly if you see a spam post.

I will also continue to look into features to prevent these from making in there in the first place.

Thanks for your support and dedication to making the discussion forums a useful place to disucss fish, critters, and surveying!


Christy Semmens, REEF Director of Science

Just FYI to

Just FYI to mods/admins/whatever, but there's spam EVERYWHERE right now.

Thanks Christy

Thanks for getting rid of "eric cartmann" and the other obnoxious spammers.

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