Possible Graysby and/or Red Hind

P7150028ab Red hind.jpg

Yesterday, I found these two fish cohabitating under a wreck in 95 feet of water in the northern Gulf of Mexico. One looks like a Graysby and the other a Red Hind. They were both about 10 or 11 inches long. Both finds are rare for this area, especially the Graysby which is not usually this far north or that deep. I thought they were the same species until I got a close look at the photos, but now I'm thinking a lonely graysby and hind have struck up a strange relationship. A second, third, or fourth opinion would be appreciated. ~Carol


Sometimes the series of dots along the back can be black instead of white so they may difficult at times to see. The rounded tail (as it appears to me in the bottom photo) would preclude it from being a red hind. It looks like you have two photos of graysby.

3rd opinion

I agree with DiverDave in that these are both Graysby.

Besides all the things Dave pointed out, I also notice that the Graysby have much more spotted fins that Red Hinds. In other word the spots are the same as the body all over the fin right up to the edge margin. In the hind the spots come up to the fin and there may be a few on the fin where it meets the body but then they stop. The only thing I found curious in your pic is how pronounced that black margin with the white edge on the fins was. In the ID book that kind of margin was in almost all the red hind's photos and in none of the graysby.
Still I think Graysby for these 2.


Yes, the second fish is giving mixed signals on its identiy. Maybe it is the result of a lonely graysby and a red hind--a hybrid? Hopefully I can get more photos on future dives. We usually see these fish in the same area of the wreck and it's a site we dive often. I think they are getting used to us which is why I was finally able to get some decent shots. ~Carol

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