Sunshinefish? Nope, turned out to be a Yellowtail Reeffish--thanks!

P6240073a sunshinefish.jpg
P7150030a yellowtail.jpg

Is this a color variation of the Sunshinefish? Of all the numerous sites I survey in my local area, there is only one place where I see this fish. There are 5 or 6 of them on a wreck of a shrimp boat that is in 95 feet of water (northern Gulf of Mexico, Mexico Beach, FL--still oil free!). I have not seen any sunshinefish juveniles (but maybe next year since one was nesting). These fish generally fit the description in the Reef Fish book, but are more colorful than any depicted. Second opinions are appreciated. ~Carol

Yellowtail Reeffish

The blue line above the eye and the yellow anal fin indicate it's a yellowtail reeffish instead of a sunshinefish. Nice find.


I think this is a Yellowtail Reeffish. In the H/D ID book 3rd edition there is just one pic that shows it much w/ bluer upper body. But in the CD-ROM there is a pic that has the same colors as yours. Besides all the other markings fit better than sunshine. Also, the habitat and behaviour seems a better fit.
By the way, the ID source states: "The juvenile is dark blue with a yellow tail and clear anal and soft dorsal fin."

Have you seen these, maybe?

Yellowtail reeffish

I completey overlooked that as a possibility because I am so used to seeing small yellowtail reeffish. I thought the small ones were adults, but I guess they were all juveniles or intermediates. There are many juvenile yellowtail reeffish on this wreck--I'll post a photo. Thanks!

Nice photos Carol!

Nice photos Carol!

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