unknown flat fish


I was diving in Cozumel last week and saw this fish- I think it is a type of tonguefish...I cannot find it in the Humann book...
Ariana Finkelstein, DVM

Maybe A Lined Sole

The fish is very small and it's difficult for me to see details, but it it could be a lined sole. Tonguefish are teardrop in shape, more elongated than what you photographed.

Paul's & Ned's book is an excellent reference source but it has limitations - space limitations if nothing else. They have to decide what fish to include and to exclude. They also can only show one or very few variations of each fish, which makes it more of a challenge to ID what you encounter.

unknown flat fish

any other additional references that you would recommend?
Any other comments?
Ariana Finkelstein, DVM


The ReefNet CD (you can get it here) contains more species and more images than the book version. I use it as much as the book, if not more. I recommend getting it. I also have the Peterson Field Guide Atlantic Coast Fishes book. It's not as user friendly and relies on drawings, but it's more in-depth in certain areas. Some use Fishbase.com. It's a free online resource, but it has some drawbacks.

I hope others will chime in and suggest some great references they use too.

Agree with Dave on ID

I used the H/D CD-ROM bought from this site. It's very good. I also use the books mainly for a quick check or for the creatures and reef coral volumes. Other than that, I use web searches once I have a possible suspect. (only, of course be careful many photos are or can be "misIDed" on the net) And of course, this forum has been great, but you already know that.


Ariana Finkelstein, DVM

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