Yellowtail parrotfish?

P8022999a, 72ppi.jpg
P8023001a, 72ppi.jpg

My wife and I looked through "Reef Fish Identification's" parrotfishes several times. We are guessing this is a yellowtail parrotfish. If it is, it is probably the first time I have seen one. "My" fish's tail is less lunate than the one in the book, and the coloring seems different. Is it, indeed, a yellowtail parrotfish?

Molasses Reef, Key Largo, Florida, August 2, 2010, 27 feet of water, 88 degrees Fahrenheit, 48 feet lateral visibility.

Thank You,
Marty Dick


That's actually a Puddingwife, Halichoeres radiatus. Notice the light colored areas along the back. Nice colors!

Thank you

I adore this forum; it is incredibly educational. This is not the first time I was completely wrong in my identification. I am deeply grateful for your knowledge and input. Thank you. There is more real-life learning going on here than in many schools.

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