Unknown reef fish

reef fish2.jpg

Seen while snorkeling around Grenada, Caribbean... what is it? Have looked through numerous guides and can't find it... about 7 inchs long, with a mouth like a grouper and big eyes. Feisty.

Hairy Blenny

Looks like you have found a Hairy Blenny, Labrisomus nuchipinnis.

Ah, beat me to it!

Looks like Louis and I were typing at the same time... but I'm happy to see came to the same conclusion :)

Hard to tell

The picture is rather small even when clicked on, can you please make it a little larger? It would help to see some more details. The head coloration and general shape look a lot like a Hairy Blenny to me (a blenny that can well reach 7 in.) But can't tell from this pic if it has cirri or not, and can't tell if it has a dark spot on the gill, although this feature may be obscure.

I didn't find anything close in the Sea Bass, Grouper family, but I'm only working with the H/D guides.

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