3 Critters


Hello guys,

I am looking to id this 3 critters that came with my live rock. I could be right with the heteractis and with the hidden cup but the green one don't have a clue.
Please help

Picture 3

Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

Picture 1-Which critter in the picture are you referring to? There are several.

Picture #2- Hard to say in the blacklight. 

If I were to venture a guess picture #3 is of an anemone, not a coral. (you don't give a size) Perhaps a Pale Clumping Anemone cluster. However, I'm in the Caribbean, not Hawaii.

Where is the hard rock

Where is the hard rock from?  That could help with the ID.

Can't tell for sure from these photos, but the first two are possibly zoanthids.  Zoanthids have two rows of tentacles around the mouth.  The final could be club-tipped anemone.

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