Blue-Striped Lizardfish out of normal range


I believe this is a blue-striped lizardfish, but I photographed it in the northern Gulf of Mexico, Mexico Beach, Florida (east of Panama City, FL). Could this be some other lizardfish or do the other forum bloggers out there agree?

It Looks just like it.

Carol, this photo is almost a copy of the main picture in the H/D CD for Blue-Striped Lizardfish. The only one that gave me a bit of pause (because of the range thing you mentioned) and I had to study the pictures carefully was the Red Lizardfish. There is one photo in the guide where it is showing a brown/tan coloration that looks very similar to this, also of course the Sand diver (very common) but the body proportions don't look right unless this is a smaller young fish? and I don't see the black "ear" of the sand diver unless it is well hidden. But looking at all three, it definitely looks like a Blue-striped to me much more than the other two.


I was pretty sure this was a blue-striped so I sent a photo to the Reefnet folks. They agree it is a blue-striped and plan to update the range in the next revision of the DVD and/or book. I just got the DVD and you're right that the pose does look strikingly familiar to the photo on there..

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