Butter/Barred Hamlet Hybrid


Last weekend I went diving up in Key Lagro on their wrecks. While diving the Bibb I came across this hamlet, which I first took for a butter, upon closer examination though it also appeard to be a barred hamlet. Has anyone else ever seen this cross before? Not only was this very interstering, but the next day while diving the Spiegel Grove, I came across another one. In both hamlets there is the coloration of the butter plus the large black saddle blotch at the base of the tail which ID's this spp. but it also has the broad bar on midbody which defines the barred spp. Are hamlet hybrids common? I took 2 pictures of each hamlet from each site. Any imput or help would be appreaciated. Thanks!

Butter/Bar Hybrid

Butter Hamlets commonly display this barring pattern, thats why you observed it in two different places, most likely it is not a hybrid. Hybrids do happen among Hamlets.

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