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I am new to this website. I am in the 11th grade and my name is Chris. I am actively involved in my school and plan on going to college to obtain a Ph.D in marine biology. I am part of the key club (volunteering opportunities), Natural Sciences Honors Society, and I am currently taking 3 science courses compared to the required one. Anyways, tomorrow morning after volunteering I plan on going to to the beach to snorkel and monitor a reef I have been monitoring for a while now. A marine biologist that I volunteer for frequently told me to get involved in this website, and so far I love what the goals are on here! So, cutting to the point, I cannot order a scanform and have it at my door tomorrow morning, so does anyone know where I can print out a scanform so I can laminate it tomorrow and take it with me then enter the data in online? I plan on buying my own scanforms in the future to support REEF but I figure since I am making the trip, I should make use of it, plus I think my parents would have fun helping me as they are SCUBA divers. Is there any way someone could take a few moments and scan a scanform for me and send it to me in an e-mail, or give me a link to a website where I can print one out just this time? Thank-you for all the help!

Don't need scanforms

Welcome to REEF!

Although it's much easier to do a REEF survey using underwater paper from REEF, you can conduct a survey just using a blank underwater slate. Look on the REEF web site to see how to conduct a survey. Once you gather the information, you can do everything else online - you don't need a paper scanform.

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