Sea slug/Nudibranch/Elysia? ID

IMG_6670 (1).jpg

I know we're mostly about fish but these guys intrigue me and I'm unable to ID. Anyone out there know what these are? Location: Florida Keys, <30 feet, only have seen them on sea fans. When I look at the images up-close I see no obvious anal gills but the Rhinophores are clearly visible. Carlos

Tritoniidae Nudibranch

Hi Carlos,

Great pictures of what looks like Tritoniidae Nudibranch (Tritonia hamnerorum) to me. They feed on the sea fans.



Hi Gerald, I'm glad someone responded. I looked up Tritonia hamnerorum on both SeaLife and FishBase and I had no hits. Where can I find more info on this species? Thank you very much for your time, Carlos

Sea Slug Forum

Great photos. Totally jealous. For more info you can go to the Sea Slug Forum at


Carol, thank you very much for the link!

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