Juvenile Anglefish Question


Do Blue Angelfish go through a black and yellow stage? This tiny angelfish was probably less than 1/2" long. It was in the northern Gulf of Mexico east of Panama City, FL. Blue Angelfish are very common here with Queen Angelfish sightings less frequent. I've seen one Gray Angelfish in years of diving here, and never a French Angelfish.

The third photo was taken on the same reefball.

The fourth photo is one my husband took of the mystery fish.

Opinions and discssion encouraged!


Looking in "the book"

I am more an asker than a teller in this forum, but I did look in "the book." I suspect the fish in the first two pictures is either a juvenile French angelgish or a juvenile gray angelfish. You have to see the margin of the tail to be sure.

And, the third photo looks like a juvenile blue angelfish.

I am sure, shortly, a more knowlegeable person will confirm or correct this.


Photo 4

My hubby took the fourth photo. Along with the photo I took, it showsa clear tail which doesn't apply to any of the juvenile angelfish in the book or DVD. The yellow stripe on the nose is also different. This fish was much smaller than the blue angelfish juvenile I posted, which is why I wondered if it was a different color phase of the blue angelfish that isn't depicted in the normal references.

Looks most like French to me.

Don't know If Queen or Blue go through a black/yellow phase when very small. I'm thinking they don't since I don't see any reference to it.

That would make 1, 2, and 4 French or Grays. I'm thinking French for all three.

A head on shot can also give good extra ID clues. I wish I could see what the yellow forehead stripe is doing around the mouth. It seems to me that on Frenchs the stripe stops above the upper lip then continues down on either side of the mouth like a mustache. On Grays the stripe keeps going down right through the mouth to the chin but there is also a yellow circle around the mouth.

And agree on blue for fellow in pic 3.

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