Yellowhead jawfish?

P9103042, 72ppi.jpg
P9103044, 72ppi.jpg

I think this is the same fish in both photos, and I think the fish is a yellowhead jawfish. Am I right?

September 10, 2010, wreck of the "Benwood," Key Largo, Florida, depth 31 feet, bottom temperature 89 degrees.

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Yes, first one is a Yellowhead Jawfish.

All I see in the second photo is a Spotfin Butterflyfish. Am I missing something?


Thank You

Thank you. Even though I took the second photo, I find it very confusing. I will go with your spotfin butterflyfish, but it is like one of those optical-illusion photos to me. I keep blinking, but I can't get it right.


What Martin said. Oops, I mean what LOUIS said

1) yellowhead jawfish

2) a spotfin butterflyfish swimming away from the camera is all I see (if that's the fish you are referring to, then not the same as pic 1)

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