Bluerunner or Yellow Jack?


Recently I have started seeing small jacks with yellow fins that are about 5 or 6 inches long. They are either young Bluerunner or Yellow jacks. Bluerunners are very common in this area, but I have never seen adult Yellow jacks here. You can see black tips on the tail or caudal fin, so does that make this a Bluerunner? I am confused because I don't see any reference that says a young Bluerunner has yellow fins. I checked the DVD, but it doesn't even have Bluerunners. The photos above are from two different dive locations I did in the last two weeks. Both dives were in the northern Gulf of Mexico, east of Panama City, FL ~Carol

I say Blue Runners

First , it is on the CD-ROM. Look for Runner, Blue (not Bluerunner). Or under family names, Jacks, then scroll down to Runner. And even better yet... once you find them look at the last pic #6 Yellow tail and all. Although, in the text it doesn't say about young ones having yellow fins.

It doesn't seem to me to fit the shape (head in particular) of a yellow. The eye seems a lot closer to the tip of upper lip than in yellows. there also seems to be a lot less yellow on the top of the body itself.

Yellow jacks

Combined with the clearly yellow fins, the upward curving and sharp downward bending lateral line look like yellow jacks to me.


I agree - yellow jacks. the body shape just isn't right for blue runner. They almost look like young horse eye jack but the eye and tail aren't big enough.

Caranx crysos

Those are definitely Caranx crysos, Blue Runners.


Necro-posting :)

Reading through back posts I find it interesting to see experts disagree. Visual fish ID is not an exact science.

I would say these are Blue runners, notice the dark tips on the caudal.

Atlantic Bumper?

I think this looks more like the Atlantic bumper minus the spot in the worng spot. the body shape matches and the yellow tail

Blue runners versus Yellow Jacks

Willy, We see Atlantic Bumpers, and these are not them.  The caudal peduncle is much too wide and the body too symetrical.

Carlos, did you see the jacks with the yellow tails while diving with us recently?  Sometimes seeing something in real life is very telling.  I could still go either way on this.  It could be a different color variation of blue runner since we don't see small ones here, and we don't see large yellow jacks either.


I saw both Yellow jacks and Blue runners while diving with you. While the yellow tail is not common the body shape and fin tips still cause me to think Blue runner but we didn't get a fin clipping ;)

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