Three More Blennies From Bonaire


I have my theories, but not 100% sure. Could anybody validate me on these three? Zoom-in necessary for details. (Three different fish images uploaded).

Blenny #2

Blenny #2 looks like a Roughhead because of the orange eye and white snout, but it is difficult to see the other two.

hmmm some guesses.

Pic 1: I'm not even sure if I'm looking at the right thing on this pic (there seem to be 3 blenny heads sticking up from the sand settled on top of the coral in the center of the pic, and 3 more in the top left area of the photo) all look to be same species of blenny. I've zoomed in and the only thing that i can see is they seem to have a white streak on the "cheek" so just a guess here maybe Secretary Blenny.

Pic 2: I'm almost sure it's a Spinyhead Blenny (seen 1 pic of a roughhead with similar color, though body not as dark but it could be maybe) NOTE: I also noticed a couple of pic of Spinnyheads looking very much like the ones in pic 1 (with white spots and a white cheek stripe) so if pic taken in same area maybe #1's can be this too.???

Pic 3: very hard to tell. Seems to be a Tube-blenny as well and it seems to have a white bottom lip and an orange eye that looks green in this photo, so maybe Spinnyhead again.

sorry double post

sorry double post

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